Taking the hard way to learn javascript

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Javascript can be a tough nut to crack if you are taking javascript as a first programming language to learn. From Dom manipulation to Api integration.

I also tried to learn javascript as following tutorials on what is dom and how to do api an stuff but i could not sit through it as i was not seeing the stuff working properly.

You can learn javascript by watchign tutorial but it will take a long time to understand why we do certain things in javascript until you start applying the logic of buiding functions and loops yourself. and if you are still adament about learning javascript trough long 4 -5 hours videos of building projects and then replicating them then you are not able to bild complex and long projects which require indepth understanding which you only get when you do things by trial and error.

You have to make dots and gaps of concepts in your memory and then build projects and solve erros to fill those gaps and connects those dots of knowledge.

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